Building trust
for a seamless society

Providing credit services to all
for a world where anyone can realize their potential

We take on new challenges every day in pursuit of our mission: “Building trust for a seamless society.”

At first glance, Merpay is just a payment service, but it doesn’t end there—we believe that our true duty is to make use of cutting-edge technology to create credit for more people and promote the concept of circular finance.

Join us in creating a world where anyone has the opportunity to do what they want and realize their dreams.


FOUNDATIONSAt Merpay, we hold four values dear in order to embody value as an organization.

1. Sustainability
2. Diversity & Inclusion
3. Trust & Openness
4. Well-being for Performance

Work styleWorking at Merpay

Merpay offers the Your Choice policy, which allows each individual and team to choose the working style that enables them to most easily demonstrate our values, and that leads to the highest performance for themselves/their organization.

Three Features of Your Choice

1. Freely choose your own working space.

  • Each employee can choose whether they want to work in the office, go fully remote, or some hybrid combination of the two.
  • Employees may work in hotels and other such establishments as long as security is ensured (remote work must be carried out in accordance with Mercari Security Guidelines).

2. Freely choose where you live.

  • Mercari employees can reside anywhere they want within Japan
  • All public transportation is eligible for commute support by the company, including airplanes, bullet trains, express trains, express buses, and ferries (employees are entitled to a commuting allowance of up to 150,000 yen per month).

3. Freely choose your own working hours.

  • Employees can enjoy full flexibility in their working hours—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (there is no “core time” or “flex time”).
  • Employees may, for example, step away from their work in the middle of the day or even increase the number of hours worked per day and instead have 3 days off per week.

Note: No application or special permission is required for any part of the Your Choice policy—each employee may set their own work schedule and freely choose where they live and work. However, there are exceptions for certain positions and types of work (for more details, please see the FAQ).

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JobsOpen Positions

We’re looking for people to join us in the following positions to help create Merpay’s future.

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