Our Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

Merpay, Inc. has established and abides by the following basic policy to prevent any damage by anti-social forces (groups or individuals seeking financial advantages through use of violence, influence, and/or fraudulent methods).

  • We refuse any and all relationships with anti-social forces, including but not limited to business transactions. We also refuse any and all unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.
  • We hold close cooperative relationships with external agencies specialized in exclusion of anti-social forces, such as the police, the Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, and lawyers.
  • We take legal action from both civil and criminal law standpoints in response to unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.
  • We do not participate in any backroom deals or provide any funds to anti-social forces.
  • In the event that we discover that an existing business partner is an anti-social force, we swiftly cancel all transactions with said party and take appropriate measures.
  • We strive to carry out these measures against anti-social forces across the organization, and ensure the safety of all employees involved in combating any such anti-social forces.