Combining Mercari and Merpay
to build a cycle of new value

Merpay’s business started from our cashless payment service.
But that’s only the gateway to the world we envision.
Payment is a crucial form of infrastructure, just like water and electricity.
The more people use Merpay in their everyday lives, the more value we can create.

Mercari offers a cycle of physical things, where you can sell items you no longer need and use the sales balance gained to buy something new.
Add Merpay to that, and you can use that sales balance in even more places—both shops throughout your town and shops online—creating a brand-new cycle of money, too.

This cycle of money and things leads to Mercari’s unique form of credit that can be used alongside money for regular shopping.

You can even increase your money with our financial services, like asset management.
That dream you gave up on? Back on the table. Something you always wanted to try? Go for it. Why shouldn’t money be fun?
With Merpay, you have infinite potential.

Discover new value through
a cycle of buy, sell, and pay

Buy and sell things you no longer use to earn money and credit.
You may budget based on your regular income, but this is different—it’s a little extra value, free to use how you want, born from the cycle of items being passed from person to person.
Enjoy small luxuries you don’t normally have. Buy things you’ve given up on. Try things you’ve been wanting to do.
A gentle push forward to creating your happiness—that’s Merpay.

Merpay mobile payment service